2006 James Harrison season
Name James Harrison
Country 46px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain
Season record 8,891–0 (100%)
Calendar titles 331
Year-end ranking No. 1
Ranking change from previous year 22px-Steady2.svg
Major results
European Championships W
World Championships W
Shonen Jump W
Other tournaments
UK Championships W
Irish Championships W
Polish Championships W

James Harrison's 2006 season remains the best in the history of competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!. Harrison won a total of 331 titles, which remains the only time any player had even reached 200 calendar titles. Harrison also became the first to ever play over 7,000 matches in a single year, it is also the only season in which a player had played over 1,000 matches and gone unbeaten throughout the season.

At the time only three majors were competed the players continental championship, the world championships and the Shonen Jump all of which Harrison won.

In 2005 rules about competing in national championships were relaxed for the 2006 Harrison took full advantage by winning the Irish and Polish Championships.